We provide the finest Sheep in texas

At Bates Livestock and Land, we take pride in providing the highest quality livestock on the market. Our small family owned team of shepherds take pride in producing the best product for your specific needs. We are a registered breeder of Royal White Sheep.  Contact us today for a quote.


Wether Lambs

  • Pasture raised, Grass fed, Humanely raised, Antibiotic free, No added hormones

  • $7.99 per pound processed (75 lbs.) + Shipping, USDA approved

  • 6 Available April 2019, 26 Available November 2019


ram lambs

Registered Royal White Sheep Ram Lambs

  • Weanlings $350, $425 Registered

  • 26 Available April 2019



Sire Rams

Registered Royal White Sire Rams

  • 1 Year + $650, $725 Registered

  • 8 Available

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